Glatt Plagiarism Screening Program/ GPSP

The First Objective Reliable Test Against Plagiarism

Educators have long been concerned with the problem of detecting plagiarism. Despite the severe sanctions imposed when it is discovered, some students persist in using the words and ideas of other writers without attribution. Ironically, the very seriousness of the offense and the penalties imposed may contribute to the relative impunity of the offenders.

Teachers are understandably reluctant to point the finger of blame without substantial evidence to support their accusations. The Glatt Plagiarism Screening Program was developed to help afford teachers that kind of evidence by exploiting the uniqueness of each individual's linguistic patterns.

The Glatt Plagiarism Screening Program is the first comprehensive computer software program specifically designed for detecting plagiarism. The procedure assumes that each person has an individual style of writing, i.e., writing styles are as unique as fingerprints. Furthermore, we know and can remember our own writing style far more accurately than anyone else.

Based on Wilson Taylor's (1953) cloze procedure, the Glatt Plagiarism Screening Program eliminates every fifth word of the suspected student's paper and replaces the words with a standard size blank. The student is asked to supply the missing words. The number of correct responses, the amount of time intervening, and various other factors are considered in assessing the final Plagiarism Probability Score.

Plagiarism is a serious offense and accusations are not to be taken lightly. The Glatt Plagiarism Screening Program took ten years to develop and has undergone extensive testing in the classroom setting. The Test results have been very accurate; NO STUDENT HAS BEEN FALSELY ACCUSED.

The Glatt Plagiarism Screening Program is a valid and sensitive measure for successfully discriminating plagiarists from non-plagiarists. It is especially useful in situations where the original source material cannot be located, e.g., papers purchased from research paper writing mills, fraternity files, papers written by friends, etc. The Test results provide teachers with objective evidence regarding plagiarism guilt or innocence.

The Plagiarism Screening Service provides the scoring for all Tests submitted. Based on a proprietary database, statistical variables, and probability theory, each Plagiarism Test is evaluated individually. The Screening Service determines the final Test score and the resulting plagiarism assessment.

Adopt the Glatt Plagiarism Screening Program and Service and help deter would-be plagiarists. As students become aware that this Plagiarism Program is in effect at your learning institution, the incidence of plagiarism will decrease significantly.

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