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The First Comprehensive Computer Assisted Instruction on Plagiarism

Why do students plagiarize? Perhaps they feel apprehensive about tackling a new subject, or they fear that everything worth writing about it has already been written. Perhaps they feel anxious about the fact that others may have written so much better about a particular topic than they could ever do. These fears, insecurities, and frustrations are among those that tempt students to plagiarize. Whatever the reasons, plagiarism is a serious ethical violation.

For some students, the decision to plagiarize is a deliberate act to deceive. However, many other students plagiarize quite innocently - without knowing that they are doing so. These students fall victim to their lack of education about what constitutes the writing and documenting of a paper. (For example, it may be that in paraphrasing another author's work, these students confuse what they assume to be their own writing with the author's writing).

The Glatt Plagiarism Teaching Program is a computer tutorial designed to instruct students about what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it. Students learn about the differences between plagiarizing and paraphrasing; when and how to provide the proper attribution of sources; and gain insight into how to express ideas using their own words.

In addition, students are given the opportunity to test whether their own writing includes plagiarized material. The Self Detection Plagiarism Test provides the student with immediate feedback regarding possible plagiarism trouble spots within their writing.

Using the same procedure as the Glatt Plagiarism Screening Program, whereby every fifth word is deleted from the student paper and replaced by a standard sized blank, students can test themselves to detect plagiarism in their assignments BEFORE turning them in.

The Glatt Plagiarism Teaching Program is user - friendly and easy to use. Students will gain knowledge and insight into how plagiarism is defined and detected. Record keeping is also provided so teachers can monitor student performance.

Help protect the student's right to learn and encourage academic honesty. Adopt the Glatt Plagiarism Teaching Program at your learning institution and discourage plagiarism.

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A highly sophisticated Screening Program to detect plagiarism. Typically used in academic institutions or in the legal profession for cases of copyright infringement.


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  • Instruction on avoiding plagiarism
  • Self detection for students
  • Practice exercises on rewriting
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