Self-Detection Test Instructions

Glatt Self-Detective This Test is designed to help you become more sensitive to your own writing style. It is also hoped that you will gain some insight into how to detect and avoid plagiarism.

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The Glatt Plagiarism Self-Detection Test provides a ROUGH estimate that plagiarism has or has not occurred. Based on the percentage of correct answers, the test results are intended to be used to help you become aware of text which you may have inadvertently plagiarized.

Although it bears many similarities to the GLATT PLAGIARISM SCREENING PROGRAM which may be in effect at your school, it is NOT the same test. In particular, results on the PLAGIARISM SELF-DETECTION TEST are significantly less reliable and less valid. As a result, it is possible to pass (i.e. not be considered guilty of plagiarism) on the PLAGIARISM SELF-DETECTION TEST and fail (be considered guilty of plagiarism) on the Plagiarism Screening Test. Given the two tests, results from the PLAGIARISM SCREENING PROGRAM are far more accurate.


Select a paper/assignment which you have written within the last 10 days. The paper must be at least 2 typed pages in length, or 100 words. Only continuous prose can be used for the test. Information contained in charts or graphs should not be included in the test. Quotations are not counted towards the minimum of 100 words.

Using whatever standard Word-Processing Program that is available, enter in the text of your paper exactly as you have written it. Avoid the temptation to make any editorial changes to the original paper while you are typing it in. In fact, if possible, it is preferrable to have SOMEONE ELSE type in your paper.

SINGLE SPACE your text and avoid using ANY special formatting commands, i.e., tabs, bolding, underlining, etc. Hyphenated words are considered as one word, so do NOT leave spaces-between the two words. Also, ALL QUOTES, including long quotes which are indented and single spaced in the original text, should be indicated by double (" ") quote marks.

Copy your text into the text box below. Or, if you already have the text in a file on your computer, you need only cut and paste the text into the space below.


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