An Open Letter to Academic Faculty & Staff

Dear Colleague,

Academic integrity speaks to the heart of the educational process. Plagiarism undermines learning and the purposes of our academic institutions. At stake is the honor of your school, faculty and students. Prospective students place a high value on their perception of the integrity and reputation of the institution of their choice.

No one can eliminate plagiarism one hundred percent of the time. What one can do is implement a proactive and visible program to deter plagiarism and encourage academic honesty.

Glatt Plagiarism Services has developed two unique proprietary Teaching and Screening Software Programs that effectively address this issue.

  1. Plagiarism Teaching Program - an interactive tutorial which teaches students about what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it.
    • Provides due diligence to the institution:
      • Instruction and definition regarding plagiarism is provided to the student.
      • Comprehension of these concepts is tested and recorded.
    • Provides resources to the students:
      • Unique self-detection software is included for students to use.
      • Sensitizes students to their own unique writing style.
  2. Plagiarism Screening Program - a proprietary assessment tool for faculty to use to detect plagiarism.
    • Provides an objective measurement tool that is statistically valid and reliable.
    • Can be used to screen one student or entire classes.

Both Programs have resulted in significantly increasing the awareness of plagiarism and decreasing the incidence of it. Also, please be assured NO STUDENT HAS BEEN FALSELY ACCUSED based on the test results.

Purchase of these two Programs is a small investment to protect the honor and integrity of your institution, and provide an invaluable resource to your students.

Dr. Barbara Glatt

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